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Joe Bowen
Tazewell, Va.

One of MotoEnzo's International Customers

Here's Peter A.'s restoration of a Honda Z50A-K1 using Motoenzo's motor services. To read the full story Click Here!!

Motoenzo's Youtube Debut

Here's a video of a 1970 CT70 Restoration by Carolann from Conneticut also using Motoenzo's motor services.


Hi Enzo,

I finally finished my 1982 CT70 project.  Here are 2 pictures and a link to youtube. 

The motor runs great!  Thanks again for the rebuild.

Julian P.
Millbrae California


I plan on sending you a more complete letter early in the week outlining my SL70 restoration project.  Just wanted to give you a quick thank you.  Got the correct ignition switch, put the harness back together, dropped on the tank and the seat, added gas and oil.  2nd kick the bike was idling smoother than any other 70cc HONDA I have ever owned or rode. Double checked the oil after the initial warm-up and took it for a ride on a paved railroad right-of-way near work.  FLAWLESS!  Shifts and rides smooth, no hesitation, no flatspots, just fun.    I’ll send a set of pictures with my letter, but here’s three I thought you would enjoy.  Me on the bike in ’71.  The bike in February 2011 when I “recovered” it, and TODAY.


First off, let me say that I will be sending you a more formal thank-you document about my SL70 restoration. But in summary, the engine runs and shifts perfectly. I have not had the needed to touch the spark plug or put a screwdriver to the carb.  There are absolutely no leaks whatsoever. The engine restoration is flawless. From a performance standpoint; I have the same findings. I also have an un-restored “survivor”SL70 with about 1600 miles on it for comparison. There is none. Hands down your engine out-performs the stock bike, from the smooth idle, all the way up to the shift points, your restoration with the performance cam and carb kit blows away the other bike. Great Job!

Jerry C.
Highland Park, Illinois.

PS My next project engine will be on the way next week.


Thank you very much for your drama free engine rebuild. Here is the bike fully complete to the best of my humble ability. I made a few mistakes along the way but choosing you for the engine wasn't one of them. My niece is holding the frame which marked my starting point.

David S.

(Here's a pic with me (wearing the baseball) cap, back in 1979)


Good old Honda's and your engine rebuilds take a licking and keep on ticking. On the morning of October 8, 2008 while I was on a business trip in Phoenix my house with wife and my CT 70 inside collapsed and fell down hill almost 200 feet coming to rest on the houses at the bottom of the hill. The neighbors rescued my wife with minor injuries my brother Paul and I were not about to rescue the 70 out of the debris pile until a few months later. Caked in mud it looked better than my wife's totaled car. After washing off the bike, the key in the ignition was kicked it over ... and it started.

My brother Paul is restoring the bike again (but no engine work needed) while my wife and I are being forced to take the insurance company to court. But sooner or later we will have a new house and a CT70 parked in the garage and I have no doubt, it will start.

Dave Hendrickson

Mike Mihalo Photography
2200 Chatham Way
Harrisburg, PA 17110

May 21, 2010
Subject: MotoEnzo

What a beautiful day in May of 2010, to make the 3 hour drive from Harrisburg, PA, to North Jersey, to meet the man behind www.MotoEnzo.com What a great guy, as we became friends instantly, since we both had a common interest; the Honda CT70. My purpose was to have Enzo fix a spark plug hole, which was damaged by the previous owner of the CT70 I had recently purchased when he cross threaded the spark plug. I learned a valuable lesson about the CT70 when I was at Enzo's place. He mentioned that just about every cross threaded spark plug can be avoided by simply removing the 2 bolts that hold the spark plug guard on the cradle of these older CT70's in order to get the right angle for the plug socket during installation. It never occurred to me, but Enzo showed me that with the guard on, you can fit most plug tools on snugly over the plug as the took brushes against the plug guard & because the slight side load is inconsequential while it is being loosened, you can get the plug OUT with the guard ON. That creates a false sense for the guy changing the plug because depending on how fat the socket extension is, with the guard in place, you will likely not be able to achieve the correct angle with the tool when you go to re-install and if that's the case, you can pretty much guarantee a cross threaded plug. Taking the extra 30 seconds to take the spark plug guard off and you are no more likely to cross thread the spark plug than you are cross threading any other fastener on the bike. That's a huge headache that can be avoided with just a minute's worth of extra work. Interesting little bit of info.

This thread repair was no challenge for Enzo, as he went to his box of tricks, and pulled out a specially fabricated drill fixture that mounted right to the cylinder head, to assure that the angle of the hole relative to the head would be perfect. You may have thought I was watching someone perform heart surgery, as he carefully worked his magic on the head.

As I watched, I knew right away that Enzo has a passion for these bikes. Like myself, he is very detail-oriented, showing me little things on the bike that were good enough to be functional, but in order to be 100%, needed the correct part installed, which is what I really wanted for the bike. Little things like the right fasteners, or the proper routing of a cable. The list went on. His knowledge of this little bike, along with his knowledge of bikes in general amazed me. Enzo is not your backyard mechanic. He's been a certified Honda Motorcycle technician for 25 years now, so it's not as if he has figured it out as he went along. He was trained by Honda & was explaining to me how that training was central to doing this sort of work. He says that without that training, he would never dream of doing these engine restorations. He notes that on these old motors, there are just so many small but important details that can be overlooked if not pointed out to you by someone who really knows.

As Enzo finished performing the heli-coil thread repair on the spark plug hole and reassembled the motor, he took care to insure that everything was done right as he went along. It had to fit right and not be forced. He took is time and showed a lot of care to make sure it was done exactly right. Once the cylinder head was installed & torqued down, he adjusted the poppet valve clearance just to be sure. Once the motor was back together, the little CT70 came to life with just one push of the kickstarter from Enzo's hand as the bike was still on his workbench. He then made sure all was well, checking the ignition timing, the cam chain tensioner adjustment, and anything else that may have given me trouble, or maybe I just did not have right.

So, now it is a few hours later, and my CT70 is perfect. With just a short kick of my hand, this little CT70 comes to life and purrs like a kitten, but when you give it the gas, that little motor roars.

Looking at the folks that are out there building CT70 motors, Enzo seems to have it all in line. He knows the product from top to bottom, he has the resources to get OEM Honda parts & told me the short list of aftermarket parts he uses in the rare instance where Honda no longer makes a part that is needed on an engine. He can also repair & even produce from scratch parts that are unavailable altogether so that an engine restoration won't get held up by a small item. As well, any aluminum part on the cylinder head or engine cases can be repaired by Enzo's machinist, Bill Anthony, who is a “a magician with metal” as Enzo puts it. Bill can weld & machine a broken broken or stripped part & make it appear as if there was never an issue. Enzo showed me some of his work when I was there & I have to say, I was very impressed.

Looking around his shop, it's clear Enzo has been doing this for a long time, and it is his full time career. He's got motorcycle & engine trinkest all over his shop & each one has a story attached. There is no question that Enzo is the go-to person for a Honda MiniTrail engine restoration. It's clear I'm not the only person with that opinion, as Enzo's shop was absolutely full of customer engines in various states of completion. As I stated before, his knowledge, his passion for detail, and his willingness to make sure you are happy as a customer, make Enzo second to none when it comes to restoring one of these engines.

I'm really looking forward to working Enzo on my next Honda Trail 70 project.

Mike Mihalo
Harrisburg, PA

This is Crazy Jersey Jay, on a typical day
Dropping off three, picking up two, then he's on his way

I made that rhyme because I feel i owe it to him.
This customer called me in the summer of 2009 & told me he had "10 CT70's & I want you to do all the motors"
I really thought he was playing a game with me.
"Yeah, sure you do" I said.
That was then.
 By the summer of 2010, that had changed. His collection doubled in a year.
Jay has one CT70 for every year AND every color ever made, and then some others that he couldn't pass up, due to his Minitrail addiction.
Poor guy...

Although there are no photos of his bikes (yet), he deserves an honorable mention.

This was a year-long bike night show and contest. It is sponsored by a local radio station(99.9 the hawk) and McDonalds. It is held at 8 different McDonalds restaurants throughout our area during the summer. The grand finale was this past weekend 9/26/10 at the McDonalds- South 4th Street  Allentown, PA. I think there were close to 70 bikes competing in six different categories. There were eleven bikes in the category of antiques, trikes, and special interest. There were Old Harleys, a 60s Honda, a pre war era bike, a early Moto Guzzi, and of course our two CT70s. Besides the trophy he also won 200.00 in gift certificates and in invite to a big open house at a local Harley Davidson dealer where his bike will be on display.  Kind of reminds you of the story of David and Goliath. You can see more pics. on their web site 999thehawk , check the events, then look under photo gallery, and then the Bike night grand Finale 2010.  A few seasoned bikers told us that this was their first motorcycle and how it brought back a lot of great memories. When my sons name was called they made it a point to say that he won with a bike that was much older than him.

Brian S. - Cooperburg PA

See more of Brian's bike here!


Breaking them in early!!
Me taking my newest grandson, Breken, 4 months old, for his first motorcycle put put ride this afternoon.
I think he really enjoyed it!
I know I sure did!

Have a great day!

Mike G.
Merritt Island, Fl.

Motor and Carb before sending to Enzo.

Getting the motor off.

Before rebuild.

After rebuild.

After rebuild.

One of my first rides after Enzo rebuilt my motor and
added a new Carb.

Lookin' Good.

Clean as a whistle.

I wanted to give a testimonial for the work Enzo at "motoenzo.com" did on my 1970 Honda mini-trail 70 4-speed manual. Yes, someone before me painted it Ruby Red. I know it wasn't a color for that year. After buying this bike on E-Bay awhile back I rode it a few times and had a local place go over it . The carb was leaking gas and the motor just didn't seem to run all that great. I didn't have enough faith and confidence in the way the bike ran to head out on the trails. I kept seeing Enzo's name all over the mini-trail 70 websites but thought it would be a total hassle to take the motor off and ship it to him. I wanted a quick fix. I kept on buying body parts and things on-line I could do myself but still knew if it doesn't run good I could get stuck in the middle of nowhere. I eventually e-mailed Enzo and he got right back to me. I expressed my concerns about taking the motor off (Do you remember that Farside cartoon where the doctor cuts into a patient during surgery and something pops out and lands on the floor and the doctor says "Someone get that, we might need it later). That's what I was worried about removing the motor. I read Enzo's "The Process" on his website about how to remove the motor and get everything ready to ship to him. I printed "The Process" and got down to business. It wasn't bad at all. I actually felt pretty good about myself. I sent it to Enzo for an engine restoration and a new carburetor. When I got it back I checked the engined ID because I couldn't believe it was mine. It was gorgeous. I got it all back together and now I ride knowing I have a reliable little work horse thanks to Enzo. I even have it street legal and off-road legal for here in CA. Anyone thinking about getting your engine rebuilt or a new carburetor, look no further. I'm glad I took the time to do it right and send it to the right guy. Thanks Enzo!

Jeff P.

Santa Barbara, CA.


You're 3 for 3!

I recently completed the installation of the third engine and new carb you have done for me and I am completely thrilled. I wanted to finally write you and let you know how appreciative I am of your help and the patience you have shown over the course of these three bikes.

It started with the '72 candy yellow special CT70. Using your web site and the step by step instructions, I was able to remove the motor and mail it to you. I have no mechanical training and I work in an office for my 9:00-5:00 job but your web site made it as easy as following a recipe.

Next came the 1970 blue Dax ST70. This one will always be my favorite. Again I followed the step by step on your web site for the motor and with your emails was also able to remove the wheels and send them to you for a fresh coat of cloud silver to match the new motor you would be returning to me. The new carb was again set up perfectly and the bike is currently registered for the road in New York State and one I use frequently to run around the neighborhood on.

The 1971 CL70 we've just completed is my first four speed. Using my ever growing mechanical confidence and the experiences from the first two engines, this one came out pretty smoothly. Upon re-installation, I did have some trouble with the clutch cable hook up and adjustment and the additional wiring. But again, all I had to do was to write you with the problems I was having and you would email me back with suggestions and solutions. I will be going to DMV this week to register my candy topaz orange CL70.

In short, thanks for all the good work you have done. I'm sure we will do another project soon.


Lisa F.

Glenville, New York.


Took a ride last night- what an awesome motor!  For the first hour she
smoked the old oil out of the exhaust pipe- it was a good reminder of what
I pulled out of the shed- then things cleaned up to an almost odorless gas-
It's amazing how clean of burn comes out of the exhaust-  my other bike
smells like raw fuel and burns your eyes when you get down by the exhaust-
This new motor burns as clean as a janitrol heater.

Shifts tight and solid, has great low end power, I don't think it ever
missed once.  I'm glad I went with a new Carb as well-

The motor is outstanding- but the best part of this whole process was
working with a top notch professional with allot of class.  THANKS ENZO.
I'll try to get you some pics for your site as you've requested-

Be in touch-
ND nut.


Just wanted to drop you a line as the ‘build’ is still in progress but it’s down to wiring and controls.  You finished my motor several months ago, my little Z50 had been apart nearly 4 years now.  The motor came back right about the time my wife was due with our first baby so I took my box and stashed it away in the garage, only looking at the motor thru the palet wrap, it looked pretty good, but it was 5 ½ months before I actually unwrapped it and saw what an AMAZING job you had done.

I attached a ‘before and after’ photo of the bike-the ‘after’ is not so great because it was taken on my mobile phone…I still need to finish wiring up the electrical in front, cable the brakes and throttle controls.

The engine resto you did MADE this bike come together, I will take good hi-res photos here when it’s wrapped up in the next week or so, I just ordered a case of the Poweroll Oil so I have a few days before I can actually oil it up and start it for the 1st time in years.


There will be more motors coming your way soon, we’re an old Honda family so there’s more in the stable than just this one.

Eric J.
San Diego, Ca.

Hi Enzo,

  I finally have a chance to tell you a little about our trip to Florida. First, I took the bikes to be inspected, and actually had a small crowd of people admiring them. They passed with no problems and it turns out the mechanic has two of them himself. Boy did I make his day.

  Riding around the small town of Venice, Fla. was just so much fun. Everywhere we went people would stop us to check out the bikes, one guy wanted to buy them on the spot.  My boys went out on Sunday morning for a ride and ended up at a classic car show in the middle of town. When they did not return after 20 minutes I started to think something was wrong. Well it turns out everyone there wanted to see the CTs.

  This turned out to be a great winter project and I want to thank you for helping me make it happen. I would recommend your services to anyone who asks.

 Check out the attached pictures


Steve S. - Cooperburg PA

Hi Enzo,

I got it yesterday.  It was my sons birthday so I couldn't put it in until today.  I just finished installing the carb and riding the bike. I would still be outside riding around the neighborhood, but my wife made me come in.  It's great!!!! Runs much smoother and much faster.  I picked up about 4 or 5 miles per hour.  Thanks Enzo.  As usual, you were right about the old carb vs. a your new carb. Unbelievable difference.  

Thanks Again,  
Rob R. - Westlake Village, Calif.


I got some good pictures a few weeks ago and have attached them for you to see.  Thanks again for all your work in helping me complete this project and bring my old bike back to life. 

My older brother got this bike around 1972, when he was 12 or so.  It was his first bike, which he learned to ride on and passed along to me when I was around 10.  I rode it until I was a teenager and then it sat in disrepair until my brother tore it down last fall.  He had the painted parts sandblasted and painted, then shortly after that he died suddenly of a heart attack.  A few weeks later my sister in law thought I should take the bike, so I loaded up my truck with several boxes of parts, and then contacted you.  Besides the green parts and the engine, I did all the rest of the work and of course it runs great thanks to you.  It was a fun project, and I wish I could have shared it with my brother.  So, I dedicate it in memory of Eliot John Hitchcock, who was always a great big brother to me.

Glenn Hitchcock,
Kingwood, Texas.

After slipping in and out of the "analysis-paralysis" stage of the restoration process, I decided to contact Enzo to restore the engine in my 1986 Z50-RDG Christmas Chrome Special. What a pleasant process! The results were perfect. The bike is nearly finished now & I am on to new projects; two first-year HKO CT70's & Enzo will be restoring the engines on those too. Don't kid yourself; Enzo is the best out there - period.

Kevin W. S. , Cleveland, Ohio.

Hey Enzo!

The bike came out awesome!  I mean to tell ya when people see it, they stop to admire it and talk about the mini trail they had back then.  I didn't think that many people had one, so it surprises me to here the stories.  What makes this particular one so special to me is that is was actually mine back in 74.  My dad got it for me when the guy down the street dropped it off at Dad's auto repair shop to sell on consignment of sorts.  The guy took it away from his kid, because the kid torched their lawn tractor while refueling it when it was running.  (35+ years later I still remember all that!)  He had a green ct70 and this gold z50.

Anyway, it runs like a top!  First kick every time!  I will send you some better pics when I get them.  For now, check out these to get a flavor of how it came out.  Keep in mind most of that chrome is original, but rechromed.  My wife doesn't appreciate my choice of parking spaces, but she's putting up with it. Maybe when I get some better pics, you can hang them on your website.

Good to hear from you.  I hope all is well.

Bob B.
Ringoes, N.J.


Motor is perfect! Started right up and just purrs along.

Harry H. - Goodyear, Az.


I've finished putting the trail bike together and it works perfectly! I just wanted to thank you once again for the outstanding job you did in restoring the engine. You are true professional and I would gladly provide you with any recommendations should you ever need one.

I've attached a few photos. This is the original paint job along with 95% of the entire bike with the exception of some small items, ie; grips, tires, seat cover, etc. Although not in perfect condition, it looks just as good as it did when I bought it 37 years ago. I still have the original title and owner's manual.

Again, I appreciate everything you've done to help me restore it.
All the best,

Mike T. - Charleston, S.C.


I'm very pleased with the restoration you performed on my 69 z50 k1 engine. Restoring this bike was a lot of fun- and bringing back the memories was even better. You played a huge part in this enjoyment and will no doubt help create many fond memories for my kids. You exceeded my expectation with your knowledge, attention to detail, and professionalism. The engine runs extremely well and looks even better. It's ready for the next 40 years!
Attached are some before and after pics:



Thanks again and again,

Scott J.  Missouri


Here are a couple of pics of me assembling the last couple of things on the bike.  The motor looks great.  Thanks again.

Dan K.
Oklahoma City, OK.

Dear Enzo,

When I opened the box and saw what looked like a brand new engine I thought, “What? This must be a mistake?    But then I saw the SN and said “This is not possible - a miracle! not unlike that of Lazarus!!  How can this be?”

The answer?

My poor deceased engine has been touched by the hands of the Enzo God himself and resurrected anew, reborn whole and pure!!!  
It reminds me of the rabbit story.

A woman was lunching in her backyard patio with a friend one afternoon when she saw her pitbull tossing and playing with a white fluffy object out in the yard.  She gasped in horror when she realized it was the neighbor’s pet bunny.

She said to her friend, “My God, the dog has killed the neighbor’s rabbit.  We can’t let them find out they will hate us.”

So the woman called her husband and he extracted the limp rodent from the dog’s teeth and washed it off with the hose.  When he saw that that wasn’t good enough he took it to the bath tub, dog in tow, and proceeded to scrub it with shampoo.  The now clean but wet rabbit, rather than looking like a fur ball, looked more like a skinned chicken.

So the husband then took his wife’s blow dryer and teased the fur back in place like a master beautician, followed by sneaking into the neighbor’s yard in the evening and placing the little cotton tail back into its cage.

Well, as luck would have it, the next morning the couple were having coffee in the kitchen and looked over to witness the neighbors, husband, wife, son, and daughter all standing around the rabbit’s cage.

The woman said to her husband, “Oh no, they know something is wrong with the rabbit!”
So the husband calmly walked out into his backyard with the hedge clippers to act like he was doing yard work.

He looked over to his neighbor and ask what was up?  The neighbor replied, “This is really weird.  Our pet bunny died three days ago and we buried him in the yard.  Now he is back in his cage!!!

Well, let me tell you a thing or two, the thumper you sent back to me, unlike the deceased rabbit, is back in his cage and he is alive and humping.

Thanks so much.  

Sincerely, Doug M

  HI Enzo,

       From start to finish, everything that you described on your website
  was accurate.  Your instructions to remove, ship and re-install the
  motor were flawless.  Every time I E-mailed you, I received a quick
  response.  My CT70 K3 has never run or looked better.  It runs,
  looks and shifts as well or better than a new motor.  My kids and I
  are going to enjoy this bike for another generation, and it's all
  original.  Two of my friends have Mini Trails and I told them about
  you.  They have already been on your website. In my opinion,  you
  are a pro and my experience with you was outstanding.  I am on the
  Executive Staff that runs a $250 million company with over 100
  sales associates.  If they all treated my customers like you treat
  yours, my company would be much better off.  Thanks Enzo.  You are

      Rob R.
  Westlake Village, Calif.



Thanks again for such a super job. The motor fired up on the third kick. I'll bet if I had primed the carb first it would have started on the first kick. Here are some pictures of my bike. All thats left is to mount my speedometer. The engine idles perfectly and I could not believe how quiet it runs. I was like a little kid again on Christmas morning! I would recommend you to anyone who needs their engine done. Fast and professional service. MotoEnzo Rocks! Thanks again.

Rick M.
Lincoln, California

When it came time to restore the 1974 CT70K3 that I'd owned since childhood - I carefully researched engine builders. I immediately felt comfortable that Enzo would be the right choice for our project, based on his references, no-nonsense style and straight talk. During the rebuild, Enzo kept me well informed of progress and engine condition and delivered an excellent product on time. Now that the project is complete, the bike runs as new - and Enzo played a big role in making it happen. In an age of shoddy workmanship and poor customer service, Enzo is a craftsman and a truly rare find.

Thomas F.
Boston, MA

(Click on the photo above to see web gallery)

(Click Here to see Tom's engine go through the MotoEnzo Restoration process)


I got my CT70 K2 put together and running. Attached are some pictures of the finished bike. I was very pleased and impressed with the quality of your work on my engine. It was also reassuring to know that you had tested it on a bike and that it worked fine before you sent it back to me. After I got everything back together and began working out the little bugs, I could always eliminate the question of "whether or not something inside the engine was not working". This greatly simplified the debugging process.

Thanks for your thoroughness and professionalism. I will be the envy of the neighborhood this summer!

Mike H.
Kokomo, IN

Hi Enzo,

Here are some pics of my Z-50. This was at our Sunday breakfast get-together,I was the only one on a Honda!I love the little Honda because it makes people SMILE!I am still tinkering withsmall items,still have a few small items to teak,but basically finished,just started on 70 CT70,just finished 75 Kaw. Bighorn 350 enduro.Thanks again for the FINE job You did on My motor!

Don C.
Canyon, TX

(Click on the photo above to see web gallery)

I just finished restoring my 1972 CT70 K1 and fired up my rebuilt engine for
the first time today. The engine purrs like a brand new bike. Reminds me of
my first Trail 70 when I was only 15. Enzo's rebuilt engine looks, sounds
and runs like a brand new 70cc Honda engine. I could not be more pleased!
Now I am looking for my next restoration project and I will definitely be
using Enzo to do any future engine work.

Chris D.
Carrollton TX

CT-70 Owners,

Stop messing with that original carb!! I bought a 1970 CT-70 in near perfect condition with only 800 miles on it that had been stored in a basement. I tinkered with the original carb for hours; took it apart, cleaned it, put it back. Started the bike and it ran great….until it warmed up. Then it sputtered and ran poorly. So I took apart the carb, cleaned it….well, you get the picture. I finally bought a carb from Enzo and the bike runs FLAWLESSLY! One or two kicks and I'm on the way.

If you want a CT-70 that actually runs, don't waste your time on the original carb. Buy one of Enzo's NOW! You won't regret it. Another plus: when you e-mail Enzo, he always replies, and always answers your questions; he will never leave you hanging. Now My CT70 is a blast to own!

Update 9/10/08: "I took the CT70 up to Keystone Colorado and road it at about 11,000 feet. Both my wifes 2006 Yamaha TTR125 and sons CRF70 were farting and stalling at the altitude, the CT70 was the only bike that ran perfectly the entire time, never even stalled. I credit your carb."

Update 08/26/10: Hey just a quick update, it’s been several years, and my CT70 still starts on the first or second kick, even if it’s been sitting in the garage for months.   I wanted to add something I forgot in the past: don’t cheap out and buy a carb re-build kit.  They don’t work worth a darn, just by  Enzo’s carb and you can spend time riding, not cursing.


Chris H.
Greenwood Village, CO

*Carburetor only

Enzo took the time to respond to my emails and explain to me the value of his services over other choices. Enzo’s quality and professionalism are unmatched in his attention to detail, timely work and well run business. He treated my engine like it was his own. The engine came back to me like a brand new Honda or nicer and it runs perfect !. The entire process of dealing with Enzo was wonderfull right from the start. He continues to respond to all my email questions about my CT70 restoration. I would take my motor ONLY to Enzo !

Brett B.
Seattle WA

Hi Enzo,

Here's the bike that I re-built with your help!!! It started first kick with your motor and carb. Thanks so much for all of your help and your excellent service!! Plus the quality product that you sent us! It definitely shows the pride you have in your work! Hard to find these days.

Thanks again,
Paul H.
Vacaville, CA

Just wanted to say thanks for making my Trail 70 come alive. Before this new carb it was if it had a cold or the flu. The engine was in good shape and I knew the carb needed fixing so I went the aftermarket carb route with unsatisfactory results. I then rebuilt the original carb with more unsatisfactory results. Nothing but time, money and frustration.

I had heard good things about you and your work so I went to your website. I was glad to see that you offered a new Keihin carb that you were happy with. WOW! I always wanted to know what a happy Trail 70 sounded like and now I know. Now she starts 1st kick, tops out at 43 vs 31, is smooth at any speed, has plenty of pep, and idles like a sewing machine. She’s a cruiser, both a pleasure to ride AND listen to! Plus, I know a properly tuned carburetor has to be good for the long term life of the engine.

This was the route I should have taken to begin with. I will always keep the original Keihin carb but I know I never could have tweaked it to run this well. Thanks again!!! From now on, you are Dr. Enzo.

Tom K.
Omaha, NE


I finished installing the rebuilt engine last night & it started FIRST KICK! I haven't hard that sound for 30 years! I was so excited that i had a hard time falling asleep.
Thanks you for a job well done!

Brian O.

Mr. Enzo,

I want to thank you for a job well done. The engine rebuild you performed on my 1970 Honda CT 70 was exactly as advertised. All work was done in a very professional manner, every detail was communicated to me and no “extra” work was done without my consultation. Simply put, this thing runs great! Better than ever before, it never ran this great when I was a kid!!! I consider myself blessed to have found your services.

Your lightening fast responses to my emails were also appreciated. I will highly recommend your services to anyone in need of such work. Again, it has been a pleasure working with you Enzo; I wish you only the best.

Thank you,

Steve B.
Yates Center, KS

Mr. Enzo...greetings and Merry Christmas! Got your note re the engine rebuild/carburetor this morning. Thank you for this engine rebuild/carburetor and for the great information on what you found and did during the rebuild. Payment has been made via Paypal. Without a doubt its a "could not be more pleased" product again. So great to have something that you can turn over to someone and have expections not only met but exceeded consistantly. Again Mr Enzo..thank you..Merry Christmas!

Tim H.
North Grand Forks, ND

The engine runs like a Swiss watch. I couldn't be happier.

Kelly H.

A Message Passed Along by Kenny Miller of www.minitrail50.com,
the site from which this customer found us:


I have just had two Mini Trail 50 engines overhauled by Enzo. The experience was great. Not only did he do a great job for the price he quoted he responded via email to all my questions. It was great working with someone who does what he said he would do but also does it on time. For all of you out there looking for someone to overhaul your old engine I recommend Enzo very highly.

Tom T.

A Message From Kenny Miller Himself !!

"I wouldn't trust anyone with my motor except Enzo. "

As you can see, I do all my own work rebuilding the Minitrails. One thing I don't delve into is the motor restoration as it's just too complicated & time consuming. I've tried a lot of engine guys, but for several years now, I've entrusted all my motor restorations to Enzo @ www.motoenzo.com . Enzo gets the motor back to me in a fraction of the time it would take me to rebuild it & for a fraction of the cost. Not to mention that the engine runs & looks brand new when he's done. Enzo tests the motor in a bike to assure it starts by hand before he ships it. When the motor goes back into one of my restored bikes, it rides like it's new off the showroom floor. I wouldn't trust anyone with my motor except Enzo.

Kenny Miller

I've been riding and working on minitrail bikes since I was 6 years old. Now it's time to pass this experience along to my own children. So when it came time to restore my 1972 z50 K2, I spent a tremendous amount of time researching qualified individuals who could perform the engine restoration. I kept hearing the same person's name over and over again... ENZO. I had very high expectations and I have to say they were met and then some. Enzo does high quality work and handles his business in a professional manner. I couldn't be happier. Thanks Enzo.

R. Hamilton
Houston, TX

The money I spent on having my engine done by Enzo has proven to be beyond worth it. When I'm given the complete expertise and expediency of service that you provide and from that I am totally impressed with the result. Not to mention the true quality of the service itself. The engine rebuild was done in a timely manner and no unnecessary work was done without my approval.

I could give you chapter and verse on the number of times I have looked for someone that can perform these Honda engine rebuilds but after finding Enzo I would highly recommend him. His service does what it says and every time I have had to ask for his help or have any questions, he has always been quick to respond with useful information in a courteous manner. It's the latter part that, for me, goes a long way. His responses are always very friendly. As a result, not only do I get the info I need, but I just enjoy reading his replies simply for the wealth of information he supplies.

You'll always have a loyal customer here. I can honestly say that your services you provide would be one of the few that I would highly recommend to anyone without hesitation.

D. Bolton

Rock Hill, South Carolina

I simply could not be more pleased with the entire process! First you accepted the engine and completed the work more quickly than anticipated. When the engine arrived back at my door it well packaged and I could not wait to take a look...WOW!!!..total attention to detail, it's beautiful!! Also the communication was outstanding... I believe you responded to any inquiries the same day I emailed them, you provided excellent information about your work, the price was as stated, and now the engine, carburetor, intake arrive looking better than promised or expected. There is no question that it will run and perform equally impressive. Without a doubt Mr. Enzo I will be a repeat client as there are two more ct70 engines sitting on my shelf that will be heading your way if and when that works for you. This note is simply to say thank you for this "new" engine, and your absolutely wonderful job. Again, thank you.


Tim H.
North Dakota

"I spent a lot of time and effort trying to locate an experienced mechanic for my 1972 Honda refurbishment project. I was absolutely impressed and pleased with Enzo’s engine rebuild work. Meticulous and Extremely Professional. He provided a detailed list and explanation of work performed, so I never once questioned what I was paying for. I demand quality and pay for competence and I’ll never go anywhere else.”

J. O’Rourke
P.E. Panama City, FL


Here are a few quick pictures I took of the bike when I could keep the kids off of it! They even accused me of hogging it..haha Well, I just kept telling them I had to be sure it was safe before I let them get on it! I think they figured me out and once they got on it, I never got another chance. I will have a green 4-speed of my own soon! Thanks!

Steve T.




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At present time I only work on Z50 and CT/CL/SL70 motors. I do not service: QA50, XR75, CT90, or any others.